Bluetooth Shutter Button

Just like the name says, the Bluetooth Shutter Button connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It takes pictures without the need to touch your phone! This button eliminates unnecessary vibration when taking pictures and videos, thus giving you higher-quality results!




The Bluetooth Shutter Button is a great accessory to add to your Skoped Micro kit. It connects via Bluetooth and makes it so simple to take no-touch photos and videos. No more blurry images or editing the beginning and end of your videos to make sure you don’t see the shake when you’re starting or stopping the recording. When you’re working on a microscopic level, every little thing helps.
You’ll want to charge the button for one hour before use with the included USB charging cord. Once charged, flip the switch on the side from “off” to “on”. On your phone, search for available Bluetooth devices. It will show up as: “Bluetooth Shutter Button”, “Quick Flash”, or “Phone Skope”. Tap the name, and the button will connect to your device. Open the Skoped Micro app or your phone’s camera app, and start taking photos and videos. Remember to switch the button to “off” when you’re done to keep the battery charged!


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