an eyepiece adapter that replaces your microscope eyepiece and snaps right over your phone’s camera lens to set you up with the perfect image every time.

what is skoped micro?

The Skoped Micro Microscope Adapter kit is a two-piece kit built to attach your smartphone to your microscope via the eyepiece, so your phone becomes a viewer. This way you can take images and videos to educate clients and employees, use for educational purposes in classrooms and labs, prepare files to send out for consulting in diagnostics in cytology, pathology, etc., and many more uses. 
All you need to do is put your phone in one of either of our Custom or Universal cases, snap in the correct eyepiece adapter, remove the eyepiece from your microscope, and slide the adapter eyepiece in. Now your microscope will do anything your phone will do! 

how it works

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This revolutionary, two piece, Skoped Micro kit is about to change your life. If you’re ordering for the first time, make sure to order both the phone case piece AND the Microscope Eyepiece Adapter piece. For best results choose the custom phone case for your specific phone and the correct size eyepiece adapter for your microscope. See our video on the home page or on our YouTube page about choosing your correct eyepiece adapter size if you are unsure what you need. We also have a printable size finder at the bottom of this page.
We also offer a couple of accessories to complete your setup! Shop now to see everything we offer. 

what our clients say

Clint McCoy DVM Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville

“I had the Skoped Micro Kit delivered to the clinic. It, quite literally, showed up as I was working up a case with suspected Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia, a platelet destruction disorder that can create severe anemia. I was reviewing the slide when the Skoped Micro Kit came. I slapped it on my phone and took blood-smear photos like an old pro in a few minutes. I showed them to the clients, and they were really impressed. Thanks for a kick-ass product. The quality is excellent for in-house microscopy use.."

Aleksandra Zuraw Digital Pathology Place

“As an online digital pathology content creator, I use my Skoped Micro case all the time. My phone lives in the Skoped Micro case. It is so easy to just snap a photo or make a video of what I’m seeing under my microscope. Truly the easiest way to start with digital microscopy and digital pathology”

Lisa Hallam CVT Animal Care Manager,
UofA College of Vet Med

“The company Skoped Micro has been a really great company to work with. They are very hands on with ensuring you have everything you need to be successful. We teach students how to use microscopes and how to interpret what they are seeing and these Skope cases have made imaging of the slides soo easy. The students don’t have to struggle to get the “perfect shot” with their cell phones, for their reference material. The Skope cases also allow us to get those great images that we can use for future labs and lectures. We incorporate the cases in any of our microscopy classes and look forward to more great images!”

    download our app

    Not only do we offer a hardware device to attach your phone to your microscope, but we also  have developed complementary software. Check out our Skoped Micro App, where you can take screenshots and screen videos of your specimens, send those to others as an educational tool, show your clients your diagnosis is accurate, or send to a colleague for a second opinion. Think Digital Pathology. Also, use the added measuring device to measure your specimen digitally up to the nearest micrometer. If you need to show your results live, we also have an option for a live broadcast. You can interact with your colleague, client, or class in real-time, sharing what you see in your microscope with them, as well as explain what they are seeing. Below is a more in-depth look at the current features of the Skoped Micro App.


    On our YouTube page, we have educational videos on how to use the kit, what kit is best for you, what size of eyepiece adapter you’ll want to order, and more! Watch our videos for all of the information on our Skoped Micro Microscope Adapter kits!

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    We want to hear from you, whether it’s questions, comments, or concerns. Let us know what you think of our product or if you would like to learn more about how to use it. Just send us your name, email, and message and we we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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