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Our Purpose

Skoped Micro was born from a need to capture high-quality images through a microscope without breaking the bank. You have a first-class camera in your back pocket, so why not utilize that as a tool instead of buying yet another device. With that mindset, we aimed to engineer the perfect solution. We were already doing this at our Mother Company, Phone Skope, where we offered an array of Custom Phone Cases and Optic Adapters to attach a phone to a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope for taking amazing pictures of birds and other wildlife, so why couldn’t we do that with a microscope? Through the help of our partner, Dr. Cade Wilson, we were able to come up with an eyepiece adapter that replaces your microscope eyepiece and snaps right over your phone’s camera lens to set you up with the perfect image every time.

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Our Mission

Although Skoped Micro is a new company, Phone Skope has been on the market for over ten years. As phone cameras have increased in quality and popularity, so has the engineering of a better design of our custom phone cases. What started as a little clip-on to a flip-phone camera has evolved into a stand-alone case with a removable disc to switch quickly and easily between the multiple lenses available on most phones. We’ve taken the Phone Skope vision and aimed it at the world of microbiology and microscopes. As a result, we have simplified capturing an image or video for digital pathology, education, or even acquiring images for files. Click the Microscope Eyepiece Adapter into your Phone Skope phone case and slide it into your microscope. The world of microorganisms is live on your phone screen, instantly. You’ll never need another expensive clip-on camera or microscope equipment with a screen or all the cords to plug into your computer. You have everything you need with the Skoped Micro set up and your phone and current microscope. Our mission is to get you the highest quality images and videos through your microscope, using the tools you already have.

Our Product

For phones, we offer a variety of Custom Phone Cases and a Universal Phone Case option. For Microscope eyepieces, we currently offer two sizes, 23mm or 30mm. This is the measurement of the outside diameter of the male side of a removable eyepiece. All of our eyepieces are 15x. See below under our "Education Section" for more information on which setup will be the best for you. Also, if you don't find what you are looking for, use the "contact us section" at the bottom of this page and let us know what you need. We can always come up with an option for you!

Our app

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Not only do we offer a hardware device to attach your phone to your microscope, but we also have developed complementary software. Check out our Skoped Micro App, where you can take screenshots and screen videos of your specimens, send those to others as an educational tool, show your clients your diagnosis is accurate, or send to a colleague for a second opinion. Think Digital Pathology. Also, use the added measuring device to measure your specimen digitally up to the nearest micrometer. If you need to show your results live, we also have an option for a live broadcast. You can interact with your colleague, client, or class in real-time, sharing what you see in your microscope with them, as well as explain what they are seeing. Below is a more in-depth look at the current features of the Skoped Micro App.

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With the screen capture button, you can capture a photo of the entire screen you’re seeing. Then, save it in your client’s file, send it off for a diagnosis, or even use it as a teaching tool. The opportunities are endless.

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The video recording option is the same idea as the capture photo option, only with video. Now the images are alive. Capture the movement and flow of the specimens and get the best possible results in video format.

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With our live stream options, you can broadcast what you see live, to a group of people, directly to their phones, who will receive the broadcast in our free version of the app. We also offer the option to interface 1 - on - 1 with your colleague to walk through what you are seeing and communicate live. It's sharing a microscope through video chat.

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Using our in-app digital measurement device, take images and send videos of the measurement of your specimens. This measurement tool has an internal formula, which can be updated manually to ensure you are getting the best results with your camera/phone.

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We believe the most important thing we can offer you beyond a great product is getting the most out of that product. So we’ve created this education section to give you video how-tos on best practices and applications for the Skoped Micro Setup.

Watch Our Videos

How to choose the best Skoped Micro setup for you

As discussed above, there are two pieces to this kit, the phone case, and the eyepiece adapter. Make sure you are choosing the correct setup for your use to get the best results. Watch this video to learn more.

How does the Skoped Micro Kit work?

It works by lining up your phone’s camera to the eyepiece, centering it over the eyepiece adapter, and allowing your camera to see what your eyes would usually see. Now you can take images and videos of everything you see through your microscope. Watch this video for more information.

How to use skoped micro App

The Skoped Micro App comes with a series of tools to help you get the most out of your Skoped Micro hardware. Watch the video to see how it works.

GET in touch

We want to hear from you, whether it’s questions, comments, or concerns; let us know what you think of our product or if you would like to learn more about how to use it. Just send us your name, email, and message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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