The Skoped Micro Kit

This revolutionary, two piece, Skoped Micro kit is about to change your life. If you’re ordering for the first time, make sure to use the “Add full kit to cart” option below and order both the phone case piece AND the Microscope Eyepiece Adapter piece. For best results choose the custom phone case for your specific phone and the correct size eyepiece adapter for your microscope. See our video on the home page or on our YouTube page about choosing your correct eyepiece adapter size if you are unsure what you need. If you are a returning customer, and only need one piece of the kit, order using the individual case or adapter options. And as always, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, let our support team know and we’ll make sure to make it right.

Full Custom Kit - Custom Phone Case and Microscope Eyepiece Adapter

If you need both parts of the kit, choose this option. Pick out your Custom Phone Case make and model and your desired Microscope Eyepiece Adapter size from the drop-down menus.

$ 199.98

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Custom Phone Case

$ 59.99

Our Custom Phone Cases are top-notch. They are custom built to fit snug around your specific phone. Each phone case is designed with a cut-out directly over your camera lens to get a perfect fit every time. Multiple lenses, no problem. For those phones, we've designed a removable disc that will slide back and forth to fit over whichever lens you want to use. All of our cases come with a 100% guarantee. If it breaks or doesn't fit, let us know and we'll replace it or refund it.

Microscope Eyepiece Adapter

$ 139.99

Our Microscope Eyepiece Adapters are one of a kind. Designed to get a clear and accurate image or video. They fit in our phone cases directly over your lens, to perfectly line up every time. They come in two sizes, 23mm or 30mm. If you are unsure what size you need, check out our YouTube video on our home page for more information. All of our eyepieces are 15x. Our adapters are guaranteed. If it breaks or doesn't fit, let us know and we'll replace it or refund your purchase.

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Universal Phone Case

$ 74.99

If you have a phone we do not have a custom case for or want to share between multiple phones; the Universal Phone Case is a great option! This case is super easy to use and is covered under the 100% guarantee. To use, center the hole in the case over your desired camera lens, then crank down the screw to set it into place for your phone. Stretches to fit a Phone up to 3.5" in width and 0.5" Tall - (an Iphone 7 Plus is 3.07" and .29" tall for scale)